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Brows &

Eyebrow Tattoo

We offer various options for eyebrow tattooing including Feather touch, Ombre or a combination of the two.

Feather Touch Brows is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo technique designed to create the illusion of fuller, more defined brows by tattooing individual hair-like strokes into the skin. Whether you are looking for subtle, natural finish or a bold brow effect, Feather Touch Brows can completely transform your look.

Ombré brow is a semi-permanent tattoo technique that creates a softer, more natural-looking brow. The technique involves blending two or more shades of pigment together to create a gradient effect, with darker color at the tail of the brow and lighter color at the start of the brow. This creates a more natural, 3-dimensional look that mimics real brow hair.


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